You need to load specific files to use the editor. To load a file, drop it here or use the save & load tab.
You must provide a Ocarina of Time: Master Quest Debug ROM or the files specified below
Texture:None Format: File: Offset:
Save & Load
ASM extensions are optional hacks that I've written. They are not required to use the editor.
The goal of these extension is so give modders more freedom by making various aspects of the different menues more flexible and easy to work with, or simply provide a better gameplay experience.
The effects of these extensions can not be reversed. I suggest keeping a backup.
There aren't any extensions available yet for Majora's Mask.
There aren't any extensions available at the moment for Ocarina of Time.
Fill Color Border Colors
Fill Color Border Colors
Fill Color Border Colors
Generate an autoload folder.
Read the help.txt for more info.
You must use the editor offline to access this feature.
Provide a OoT MQ Debug ROM.
You may also load extracted files.

 Select/Move Objects/Cursors
W A S DMove Selected Objects
Move Selected Cursors
⇧ Shift + ScrollZoom workspace
Tab ↹Switch to next menu
EscClear Selection
1Toggle Display Objects
2Toggle Display Cursors
3Toggle Attach Linked Objects
This will make it so that all objects that are linked to each other will move in relation to each other.
Does not work with multi-selection.

If you were to move the Odolwa's Remains Object, the cursor would move along with it.
And if you were to move an Ocarina Note, the Ocarina Replay Note would move along with it.
In order to make the editor load files automatically when you launch it you have to download it.
When in the editor offline go to the Save & Load tab and choose "Save as Autoload Folder", this will download a .zip file containing a folder named autoload and a help.txt document.
Place the autoload folder in the same directory as the editor. The editor will now load the files automatically when you launch the editor.
If you want to export a texture you can simply right click on it and save the image.
To replace a texture, you must provide an image with the same dimensions, then drag and drop that image onto the one you want to replace (either in the texture list, or the Selected Texture box)
If the texture you're replacing uses for example a greyscale format, the image you provide will automatically be converted for you.

There are several things in the editor that isn't properly emulated to reflect the result ingame. All known issues will be listed here, and will be removed as I resolve them.
Object sizing is not handled correctly. Changing the size of an object in the editor will not give the same result ingame. I believe the reason for this is because the sizing of the textures attached to the objects aren't changed, only the object they're attached too. This results in odd stretching, etc.
Due to this problem, various objects have been manually resized by the editor to reflect the size ingame, and the Song textures are anchored differently. These changes will make it so that what you see in the editor correspond to what you see ingame, but it is a lazy fix, and will need to be resolved at some point.
This is also the reason why the Skulltula counter digits aren't positioned properly. For now, move the digits along with the Skulltula to ensure correct alignment.