Forum Feature Ideas

By mzxrules on 2014-07-04 05:24:51 Direct link
Add a way to see what the last post was in a particular category?
By CloudMax on 2014-07-04 05:45:32 Direct link
Ah, right. I never did make the last post appear for sub-categories. And never even added a space for it in the main categories.
I'll probably look into it tomorrow, I am currently making my way through a list of things to fix on the site. :)

perhaps it isn't very noticable, but I've rewritten portions of the forum to decrease the amount of sql queries quite a bit. Especially when going into a category, which previously had one sql query per sub-category and topic that was displayed. Now it is one query for all sub-categories, and one for all topics. In the long run this should improve performance a lot.

I am going to make some changes to the database structure which will make things quicker and easier to work with. When the changes are first applied, things like last reply / original post data may appear incorrectly for a little while. (Going to store the ID of the last reply and original post along with the topic so that it doesn't have to look it up every time a topic is displayed, among other things)
I'll try to put together a script that goes through all the topics and make the necessary changes though.

Edit 2:
Done! I'll look into adding last post within categories shortly. (If I have enough time, a friend is on his way over)

Edit 3:
Latest Post is now shown for sub-categories. I am not sure if it works properly though. I got all confused when writing the code for it, but it seems to work from the minimal amount of testing I did.