Zelda Modding

Here you'll find modding tools, documentation and more for Zelda games.

Tools & Downloads

Zelda's Letter by CloudMax


Ocarina of Time text editor which supports (almost) all versions of the game, with a (mostly) accurate preview of what the dialogues will look like ingame.

CadenceEdit by CloudMax


Cadence of Hyrule map view and editor, supporting all versions of the game, including the Symphony of the Mask DLC. It is not feature-complete, and some map data might be lost when used.

CloudMax's z64editor

Beta 3.0.0 Preview
Outdated and bad

Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask UI modification made easy. Modify the UI with the click of a button... Or at least that was the plan.


Ocarina of Time Save Format

An almost fully documented list of the OoT save format. The OoT3D list is not as complete.

Ocarina of Time RAM Notes

NTSC 1.0

A whole bunch of information about the RAM in Ocarina of Time.

Majora's Mask RAM Notes


A whole bunch of information about the RAM in Majora's Mask.


Project NoName by CloudMax

Source Downloadable

A personal project of mine. It is no longer in development, but the source is available.

Petrie's Challenge by petrie911

v1.3 Downloadable

This mod will put your puzzle solving skills to the test and makes Master Quest look like child's play.