GlitterBerri, I dropped the matter. Tell your friends to do th

By XZSO on 2014-09-11 22:19:46 Direct link
<JSA> i'm not talking about GlitterBerri
<JSA> i'm talking about you
<JSA> and why have you been mad at me.
<Einstein95> You piss off her, you piss off me. She has even said to me that I don't give chances when she would.
<JSA> i want this crap where you're always looking for something mean to say to me over
<Einstein95> If she doesn't give you any more chances, you will not, ever see any more chances from me.
<JSA> yeah, accept GB
<JSA> she dropped this already.

(Edited so that it would make sense out of context.)

EDIT: Came into my new room, and harassed me after it was over? Fine, I left your name out in the first post, now everyone knows it was you Einstein95. Happy?

He came in my new favorite chat room, started an argument over the #zelda. He's let me know that he thinks you would want him to do this. Basically be nasty toward me forever, cause he thinks you hate me.

I know you don't, I know this wasn't even personal for you you said so. *YOU* asked me to drop it and get over it. DONE two weeks ago.

Now, tell your people that! It's not helping my mood any he got me kicked out of my replacement for #zelda, based on some kind of warped view of loyalty.

Tell your people it's over, and not to harass me on your behalf.

UPDATE: Consider the matter not finished now. Read next post.

Seriously, he followed me into my new chat room. I moved on just like you requested. He followed me, and brought it up again.

Your "friend" Einstein95 decided to kick me out of my new room, where I was doing just fine.

The web should know what kind of OPS you can expect at The Cutting Room Floor. There is no *possible* excuse at this point for bring up a matter that had been settled for 5 weeks. And no, I'm not going to drop it NOW after he caused me crap after I did the right thing and moved on.

I didn't start it this time, I didn't even keep it going this time. Einstein95 has no business being an OP if he chooses to abuse his position like this.
By XZSO on 2014-09-13 18:45:48 Direct link
And consider the matter taken care of. You have mzxrules to thank for that.

Mind you Einstein95 did act like a dick, and abuse his OP status exactly as I said. But he did so of his own accord. Though I don't agree with #TCRF giving a jerk like him OP status, he is OP and I will respect the ban.

Einstein95, has lost my respect, not that he cares. I don't know what your problem is, but I hope you get over it. Soon.

Best of luck, and may the way of the hero lead to the triforce.