Project NoName (Cancelled)

By CloudMax on 2014-09-12 18:01:17 Direct link
This is long overdue, but it is finally time for me to realise that this project won't get any further.
It is officially cancelled, I don't want people to live with false hope of something that just won't happen.
I am going to keep my promise of releasing the source of the modification. It will pretty much be released as-is, which I'm not sure is a good thing anymore. Reason being that I cancelled the project during a transition between renegade64 and galatea. This means that the latest code must be compiled with galatea, and *PARTS* of the original code must be compiled with galatea, since when I were updating code, I used galatea, but old parts still use renegade64.
My kokiri district sketchup file, menu textures, etc. will be available, and anyone may use it. Well, pretty much everything (which really isn't that much) will be available. Just make sure to credit me if using stuff in your own project.
All my documentation and notes will also be available, I am sure that there's a lot of previously undocumented stuff scattered all over the place.

And some notes that I'll mention now, because I'll probably forget about it later:
The new equipment system is not fully functional. I never got around to rewriting the receieve item functions for sword and the like. If anyone uses my equipment system they'll have to write that part themselves, though it should be very easy to do this. You'd just have to change which flag is set when you receive swords / shields / tunics, etc.
The ammo display function was rewritten along with the equipment system rewrite, however, if I recall correctly, I never did finish that either. I believe it should display ammo correctly on C-Buttons, with the green text for limits, etc., but I don't think the capacity limit is correctly set in the inventory screen, meaning that the ammo is green at incorrect times. This should also be relatively easy to fix, just look at the rewrite for the c-button ammo.
The Custom Action Engine should be fully functional and is properly documented, people should be able to use it with ease as long as they know ASM.
The File Select is *almost* complete. In specific situations (I believe when you confirm deleting a file for example), the 2 buttons do not appear at the correct Y Position. Not a big deal, should be easy to fix.
I am not sure if I ever did fix the hero mode issue I had. When creating hero mode files the game would freeze on console, I believe it was somehow related to me using the Disk Drive flag for hero mode. This may or may not be fixed.
The project used my texture packer & rom patcher to build the project. A few minor ASM hacks are written directly into the rom patcher txt files.

I think that's most of the important stuff. I'll be cleaning up the folder before releasing it, removing ROM files and old outdated backups, etc.
I'll try to put it up within the next few weeks (hopefully sometime this month)
The source will be available for download directly from the project page once it's released.
By CloudMax on 2014-09-17 17:47:26 Direct link
The source can now be downloaded at