Play-As Shadow The Hedgehog in OoT

By GANONdork123 on 2014-11-18 23:38:43 Direct link
This has been carried over from

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Use this cheat to hide the shield and such on Shadow's back

81125D4C 0000
81125D4E 0000
81125D3C 0000
81125D3E 0000
81125D54 0000
81125D56 0000
81125D44 0000
81125D46 0000

Updates at Bottom

So yeah I am working on a Play-as mod, and not just any play-as mod, another character from the Sonic franchise. I was inspired by Flotonic's Sonic in OoT mod and decided to make this


Since the forums don't have Imgur album support, I will just have a link to the album: Imgur album

I am currently working on finishing up some of the errors and soon I will animate his eye textures. I may create skating animations but idk. I will try not cancel this project, and I will not dump it on someone else unless I become physically unable to work on it. I will work on it for 1hr and 30min every weekday since that is my Website Design class and I have free time then, however once this quarter ends in a few months or so I will no longer have Website Design, therefore I will be unable to work on anything after that. I will announce when that time comes and I will hand the project to someone who wants to complete it for me, that is if I can find somebody. If I can't, Then I will try to release what I have and that'll be the end of the project. I hope you guys will like it :D

Model from Sonic Heroes/Shadow the Hedgehog


-Entire model imported
-Animated eye textures
-Skating animations (maybe. no promises)

Things Left to do

-Texture mapping
-Scaling and positioning
-Inserting into Link's file
-Inserting Link's file into the ROM
-Animating eye textures
-Final Textures
-Fixing errors


-NewSuperMoiWii: Providing me with the models and OBJ Exporter,
-MelonSpeedruns: Providing me with SketchUp and HxD
-GANONdork123: Textures, Model preparation, Model Importing, Patch creation, Changing dlist pointers, Editing the hierarchy, etc.
-Flotonic: Hylian Toolbox

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